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Long Wei of the red scale monster spares no effort a to take out, if Teng green mountain hard anti-, perhaps harm more heavily.
The after all red scale monster defendoofs too strong, all of whole bodies are weapons!
The "roar~~~" red scale monster back wound comes out a great deal of blood, it cuts up rough rant ground to open big mouth!
Is a , unexpectedly make its severely wounded!
Have to die!
Is abrupt in that big mouth however spew the flame in together complete white!The flame returns non-arrival, the Teng green mountain is surprised to connect one Deng mountain wall, fiercely jump toward another a side.
The noodles in"Chi Chi~~~" mountain stone completely changed into a ground end.
The Teng green mountain is surprised to get facial expression to greatly change:"The red scale monster vomits flame, can melt a gold to turn iron!Melt a gold to turn iron, indeed as expected and not and falsely.However this red scale monster seem to be very tired!"The Teng green mountain also discovers that that flame after, pauses for breath in the nose, seem to be very tired.
"Roar~~~" sees a Teng green mountain, it cuts up rough once again.
"Not heel your Dou!"The Teng green mountain vision quick glance, by the side of this old nest be huge black scales and shell, Teng green mountain fiercely flee in the past, better arm fiercely hold tight, fiercely one Ye, the direct turn is on the shoulder, the whole individual imitated Buddha a burst of breeze, from the old nest was side melted the entrance to cave of by the red scale monster flame flees go out.
The Teng green mountain flees an old nest after, vision quick glance, then discover a left side there is a narrow small passage on the side:"H'm, is it!"
The "roar~~~" indignantly red scale monster fiercely bumps to open that mountain stone, also heel come over.
"Hum."Teng green mountain dynasty that more narrow tunnel in on drilling, then flee a while an in addition to more than ten Zhangs, the that red scale monster exasperation roars in the entrance to cave and bump shot and grasped to split to count Zhang deep, the red scale monster stopped useless achievement, this only have one Zhang Gao of tunnel, its huge body can not go in at all!
It ruins to count Zhang deep, the Teng green mountains all run to several Zhang outside.
The "roar~~~" red scale monster indignantly roars several voices over there, just finally can leave.With its intelligence, it is understand, although it just transmuted, but was apart from its highest point to still have distance, if the fire attribute contained inside its body the energy was enough many, that couldn't vomit a flame weariness.
Carry on the shoulder the scales and shell that becomes one big regiment, the Teng green mountain quickly climbs in the big crack, very quick flee cave.
See on the body of ragged, the Teng green mountain tooks a look the black scales and shell of the body side book Chengkong University regiment:"This regiment scales and shell, the turn is together all one person high!Completely launch, estimate cover up a courtyard.Red scale monster in"start to remember just one war, the Teng green mountain is also understand, " should be just completion transmute!Height probably just two Zhangs 78, not the book jots down of lead three Zhangs, and that vomits fire and only vomits once, seem don't succeed of dint."
That white flame power, very terrible!
"Talk about power, this white flame, compare of the flood dragon of bluish green cold pond vomit of black algidity, estimate to approach very much, however that flood dragon can continue constantly jet, I jump down an edge, that flood dragon still vents ground to vomit algidity.Obviously, that algidity, flood dragon don't care!"The Teng green mountain predicts.
That flood dragon should exist for a long time for a long time, the energy inside the body is very strong.
But red scale monster, just transmuted, too young, the energy inside the body is little.
"And that red scale monster fight, my strength isn't weaker than it, Be just its scales and shell too strong.Poison Long Zuan , estimated to don't harm vital part."The Teng green mountain heart bottom is understand, if really try very hard to, now still very young red scale monster, he also has 560% confidence to kill a red scale monster.
The red scale monster also probably kills him.
Be not worth trying very hard to!
"Got this scales and shell, also have finally come to completion on the whole, can return to river rather.This trifle is also enough heavy, so one big regiment, all lead 10000 catties."The Teng green mountain looking at a body sides turn the black scales and shell that become one regiment, immediately embraced to flee cave, a jump but descend.

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