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city all teachers and sit to the person of this seat, don't know how much teacher rob to flatter to flatter.Once experience the life rises and falls of easy sword wave to person from speak bluntly, cold must very, at present but send goodwill gestures to that young man together with master Lee, what ability does he exactly have?
Don't take portrait as a purpose in the painting, but express a topic with the person scenery, in addition to face type, other clothing qualities action expressions all learn a soldier with Liao in nowadays nowise alike, unless the talented person who relatively acquaints with him may recognize come out.
Easy sword wave the person that roll in the officialdom dozen, a see author's source of work is a tulip senior high school, and then see Liao learn a soldier to burst upon, which still don't know the meaning of this guy?
A student didn't know at school to be subjected to last week what teacher of spirit, the parent makes Bureau of Education, also inviting a few persons of rascal shapes had to hit office, if this matter made to arrive to above know to absolutely could not beg for cheapness, easy sword wave feeling urgently in said to is the hooligan's brothers, also lifted a that Liao learned the small white of soldier, cross-eye and leaf head, a few rascals immediately the leg was soft.
Was subjected to little Liao's advantage, invisibly must take off big difficult, now should be throw a peach report Lee of time, say with smile to Li Qing Yuan:"Mr. Li, I feel that this painting instruments contains the potential to wait a prize especially, need not reviewed more and saw an underneath of."
Expert from have making of a house Tai, the heart way of Li Qing Yuan:"Your these officials knows what be called an art?"Do not take care of him to talk, without telling anyone learn from Liao soldier's way:"Teacher Liao, here the art work of senior high school student, can once go into a your method eye?"
"Certainly, my making a special trip is this 《 dies with the breeze of autumn 》rush through come of, this is the recent years seldom seen excellent piece, pure source elder brother, don't put in the eye naturally by your taste."Old Liao doesn't show off at this time, also wait until when and say with smile:"The skill is generally regarded as, but performance ground in painting meaning, ha ha, but greatly have already seen a head."
Everybody has the mental state of adoration authority, Li Qing Yuan's letter takes Liao to learn a soldier, and the nature considers as his words of vital importance to suggest, cautiously examined Li Xing Hua's work and noded to call a way:"The assurance is very good, particularly is that artistic conception, hold exquisite, pure far interesting, I also can not help deeply and integrate among them, quite good."In fact heart bottom not feel have much superb, just for look after the face that Liao learns a soldier.Just use "exquisite" two wordses.
Is other to follow behind of once numerous lickspittles and the teachers listen to connect easy section chief and Mr. Lis all so say, the excellent piece is definitely wrong not, immediately all explode in the everyone eyes one regiment is naked, shout bravo to declare a great voice this that Fu, surmise Mr. Li say pure far interesting artistic conception, more Gao Diao of the decuple, "God, incredibly let I at living of the year see a such painting, dead can also with Ming eyes!Saw this a painting, seem the heart of having a pleasant breeze kiss and blew away world vulgar vulgarly dust, again such as ten thousand years torrent ground river's water, no matter how people of this world slander, it doesn't always and forward and never let up half second."
A middle age about 30 years old female teacher double the skin is confusing, hating can not drill into painting inside, "you see the man in the painting, he is what melancholy solitude, take a commiserative look in the eyes, too charming, absolutely have kind to imitate if the magic of demon's sort makes me involuntarily sink into among them."
Temporarily attach harmony such as cloud rain, the exhibition others inside the hall all come together this to appreciate before the painting, among them, more than 80% people don't understand is what mean, but for showing a knowledge, all at try very hard to and look for in of lead the person's place.
"Oh, you see have no, that person wears of clothes the wrinkly plait draw much vividly, absolutely is everyone's handwriting."
"There are also those very inclined leaves, only see and then can feel that the gust wind is blown, too magic."
Even if compare with to reach aroma is more strange than an underground, the rice Kai Lang radicle Luo returns to life, the Fan is tall heavy Mosslem people, all from sigh rather.
Su ice cloud from started in to eventually observe to ask about everyone and make track for the whole process of the stick from no man, pleasantly surprised, heart way:"Talk that smiling is medium to turn over cloud to reply rain, turn round the universe, this is me choice ground hero."

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