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Pan's sea became to get a slap, the head is getting very angry a star, temporarily have never responded to come over, and the cross-eye says with smile:"Originally there is personal demon, badly severe."In smiling low of everyone, from now on Pan's sea became to have accompanies with he is the whole life of nickname.
The cross-eye invites a member:"Chase these steel pipes, baseball bat, penknife all accept and walk, moreover, the person of the Yu gold benefit senior high school can return to, small cloud is had a roll call by you, don't let others Hun water touch fish, circle road school in the lake is many, the problem student is also many, circle lake branch office's just doing a teenager to study a guidance class is to really have this matter, and I made a phone call to make them come over and conveniently sold personal feeling."
Close Mu cloud Shan Shan to lay up a male certificate, compensate to say with smile:"The elder brother of the cockfight, be you really were a police?"
"Can that also have a leave?Don't think that I am to act from inside, Lao Tze is responsible for a public order to patrol, didn't see this period of time the north city area calmness and solidify, the song and dance is peaceful, everyone joys voice joke?"His words say right, with lend the dual identity between hooligan and police, Vinaceous Rosefinch street various deceit goes Ba City, the thieves and burglars robs, the pit receives to abduct of phenomenon compare little got before many, also provided a lot of newses for hooligan at the same time, the advantage is a double to all really welcome to the ground, police and hooligans.
Old Liao hands bewitching beautiful matchless Anne purely purely, in a restless and jumpy mood, the some times thinks handle knob upwards noodles again moves a few incheses, or abruptly endured, this female kid really asks for a person to love, shape again get be able to, small pretty waist not once the Ying hold, show hair send out the subtle fragrance of shampooing water, neither not let his adrenaline secrete speed.
2 people have a have no one to take words, concentrate to harm feet in the Anne purely pure idea, don't feel shy, old Liao then the face is super thick, must take advantage of place and take advantage of.
"Anne's classmate is very painful?"-Is pure of have no words to seek words.]
"Teacher, you are definitely good friends with good education Pan's sea, I guess that he is just probably in need of a family concern then ground, " Anne purely and purely and indeed as expected good natured, don't wish to think that the other people are toward bad place.
"H'm, I will concern his ground well."Pan's sea becomes not to get well words, I make him eat excrement to drink urine.
After teaching building and experiment building, discover that the health center has already closed the door, doctor nurse gets off work to walk person, little flirt Lin Su Xing's opportunity, Liao learns a soldier to say:"I have car and send you to have a check at the hospital."
"Okay, teacher, bother you, really ashamed."
"Don't mention it."Who make you are a beauty, if is close Mu cloud that to help guy.Unless leg break I just may provide a help.
The very careful pair of purely pure Chan to Anne goes into snow Buddha orchid rear seat, didn't expect the feet put to get on the car a door, immediately the Ai doesn't already call and squat down on the ground can not move, old Liao difficult way:"Anne's classmate, I embrace you up good?"
Anne purely and purely shakes, also never with don't ground is the man so very intimate and shame one too much, "the teacher take a rest a short while good."
Liao learns a soldier to leaving no chance to explain hug her head the neck start to copy a leg curved embrace into a car.
"Ah, teacher ……"
Does Li Xing Hua hum 《for an instant one light year 》 to just stand down from the teaching building and see a figure for acquainting with, falsely is soldier's soldier?He, he is embracing their girl of class!That expression.Was intimate to arrive extremity together, that action, the gentleness arrived infinite, Li Xing Hua Chi, for the first time for the sake of a puzzling man.
"Anne's classmate don't be excited, I am your teacher, relax, relax, don't be nervous, Liao learns a soldier to make he or she look to have very big differentiation with sex maniac hard and puts the Anne purely pure body steady, simultaneously comfort she simultaneously hold the feet for spraining, draw back the strap on the canvas shoes.
Connect to embroider the green short cotton sock of cartoon piggy all so lovely, the ankle is swollen to get old Gao, lightly take off socks, those are a pair of old Liaos have never seen of beautiful jade sort fine Xian show powder delicate sole of foot, Shan wear Ou general of rambling rose color light dizzy.
"Very painful BE?I for you massage for a while, alleviate ache, "old Liao intentionally seek to lend a people the feet of contact beauty, the heart flies to the horizon, if the Mu permits ice rain and shell Xiao Dan, blue fall,

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