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ascend the school class"upper-class society", in the past once the day of humiliation didn't reply to return, newly arrived Pan's sea see to come very Ye, need not afraid, in summer always surprised wealth in front, he also the darling did a dog yesterday.
Two new classmates haven't integrated into a class, the positive thoroughly bored is alloccasiony all yellow smooth and takes a few words before the table classmate in the seat sat around in idleness, Pan's sea become then raise feet up the table, ordered smoke, unexpectedly and nowise avoid to hate, directly smoke cigarette in the classroom.
Be willing to accompany with Anne's two running dogs in week at Lin Xiao under, the summer however strong courage swagger walks over there and chooses first to look opposite and weaker Huang Run Quan, throws the bill bottom of Zhang Bai Yuan's face value to go and says:"Feed, newly arrivedly, arrive an underneath store to buy tube ice-cream for me.Leave of beat zero and then return you."
Is yellow smooth to in astonishment raise head, sees this person ground certainly seem position very big, ten bill say:"Good!"A burst of breeze runs a classroom.
The summer however walks on air a ground of Chou the Cui government is one eye, the meaning seems BE:"See you this time still have what rubbish want to say."If it, if run get hurry, are a return for five minutes, but silly stand after 20 minutes, yellow smooth all didn't come back, if he isn't stray from classroom to store, the summer was however played.
The old face of nouveau riche a little bit hangs not to live, in the encouragement of the vision of the Cui government and other old schoolmates-or say is stimulate under, knead finger, head for for a day fearlessly not afraid proud Pan's sea become, need not guess, same old things road, is a Ta money first to fall off in the past, again point at Pan's sea become of the nose says:"You, interjection big Ye to listen to."
Money is swept in the ground, follow a loud and clear box on the ear, Pan's sea becomes to crumple palm sneer:"Boy, you ask for a grandpa not happy!"
The summer is however great anger, charge forward 2 people to tussle, Lin Xiao Biao also helped several boxings.
The nouveau riche is really one employable of before the horse soldier, the Cui government smiles the mouth also match Long not, two hands make into blunt down stairs of trumpet form to shout loudly:"The discipline investigates a brigade of silly force you at not at?The third floor someone fights and come quickly!"
Don't arrive for ten seconds, the stairs comes out four each very cocky students and sees a Cui government and all have a little Shan Shan on the face of uneasiness of color, say with smile:"Cui government you also at, have to see arrive just is who appeal to?"
"Is me, we class classroom someone fight, don't you still hurry to grasp them?"
Student disciplinary committee the member is all generally a student in Gao San's sturdy buildses to win election to pull out, a little older, easily take many, the shape strengthens and meet violent affairs also more solution, this severals investigate a brigade to obviously fear a Cui government, a listen to he order, hurtle into classroom right away, the one who draw back to roll to pour two breakage kinds in the ground a rules.
That Pan's sea the choler is still matchless, incredibly defy spirit, begin towards investigating a brigade, investigate student's character of brigade Gao also not arrive where go to, 4 people deal with a , soon fight down, be like handle crime suspect, is anti- his arm to back, together with summer however and Lin Xiao Biao push Office of the Dean of Students office together.
The form master meeting just ended, Chiu big strange nest one belly fire, was bad don't cremate oneself Jin, on the road but any runs into his ground the student , on seeing the facial expression that that was black such as the pot bottom, all far and far averted from, many people directly bumped and directly ran.
There is the novel reading that the one side of a bookworm holds a terrible topic, a side walks, is seeing in mental concentration, unexpectedly with spirit shout of Chiu Be big strange to touch to be full of, a push a glasses detection:Fear a devil king!The extreme strain that has already among details integrated into the mental state is surprised to up add surprised, the one mouthful asthma doesn't come up, immediately two the legs are one Deng, keep to pretty and pretty pour on the ground.
Chiu is big strange to own numerous coarse nicknames in the school, fearing the devil king is exactly it a, he still thinks that bookworm's epilepsy goes into action and made a phone call to call school physician.
Let the student see and then frighten faint, also have no before being regarded as thou teacher, behind have no to come to teacher.
Return to office, the Ji Cha brigade escorts 3 to make matter ground the student is just wanting waiting, these are three isn't other people, is two classes of two years students, Chiu is big strange deeply depressed to annoy a to sweep but get empty.

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