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Liao learns soldier's belly and gets one feet, the stomach department seethes and spews out a sweet Xing blood, 2 people more start to beat super slow, that led to refuse to budge half an hour not next, old Liao is pure to be propped up by super strong explosion dint, bear dint exhaustion at this time, gradually feel exhausted, while the other party ground energy seem endless endless, fist still still so emollient, like run about wildly in of rhinoceros, the one punches can make him can not see clearly each time.
Liao learns a soldier to start using to stab a boxing, the sting boxing is one category in the boxing match defending of tank and have of beneficial weapon, since can defend for oneself follow-uply taking the offensive opportunity to create, at the same time also canning carry on with the aggression of interference opponent actively sexual of with the false attack.
Stab a boxing current challenge sex and have already sounded out sex, although time the temperament that match old Liao, after suffering loss several times he has to lay up an irascible temper and after all stay live life hereafter want how overbearing all can.
Thank son tiny can not care him weakly sound out, ask for help of the advantage of strength, a leg jilts to open, the Lun is to old Liao.
The grounds like old Liao,etc is again this time, use the impact of rib hard anti- thigh, almost spew out a blood, the arm bottom presses and clips tightly his thigh, Xie Zi Wei ten thousand could not anticipate him to use this stupid way, another leg lends dint to start to fly, the Shi wants to take out to break the cervical vertebra bone that Liao learns a soldier.
However while lending dint he a feet stepped to learn a soldier to just once vomit at Liao of blood pool up, the barefoot contact stuck to the blood that stuck a paste to very easily beat slippery, another feet was again held tight, allowed you again tied the wodden post of decade Ma Bu, could not help beating a Lie Ju as well.
This is bureau chief Gu to fight two of the shot theorieses:Friction degree!
Liao learns a soldier to most make the place of enemy's afraid is his crary explosion dint, a head of gets hurt of Tyrannosaurus, what can you hope his ability?Is unique to the remainingly only have breakage and destruction!
Your whole family!"Inside in the flat ground suddenly and violently drinks a , if voice lightning flash, as if pierce through the evil sound of ear drum, earthquake have time the spirit as one Zhi, floodlight is of a dark, the 11 greatest tycoons imitate a Buddha to contain a kind of illusion, with Liao learn soldier's body for center, outwardly gush incomparable violent radicalism, rush toward owner's seeming to be all not to aware of self is like an incarnation for only the wood bateau seethe to reply to put out in the tidal wave, is this time, Liao learns to thank son in soldier's one instep Lun tiny of next Yin vital part!
Long Er almost be shaken by his evil sound silly, the mouth Zhang De's eldest brother, the saliva drop of very rough sea is wet dress Jin, is Liao's learning a soldier a salty egg superman?Is a light with cut up rough and then can promote the super match of fighting strength second person?Is a spider person, batman and saint Dou private and bottle gourd a child still a Harry.Is the wave especially?
Medium sea City hide Long Wo Hu, ability person's innumerable, see to is still really a small Qu world hero.
Thanking son is tiny tottering, cannot stop and certainly the son retreats an one step and almost falls down, for the sake of control body, the waist dish bottom presses and beats to turn, behind carry on the back all of the Buddhisms to sell to the other party.
Liao learns soldier Zong to jump him to carry on the back up, the legs clip tightly loins, two hands stretch out, the left hand holds tight to thank a son tiny face, the right hand presses the tight back part of skull, fierce on putting out strength, unexpectedly is the head neck that livings the enemy to wrench off!
Fight both parties the real strenght contrast only hang extremely, the unilateral strength is the strongest, just may adopt a so extreme way earthquake to shoot public, the effect is all indeed as expected obvious, living a vocabulary in the heart of the tycoons:Kill machine!
""Luo Ca a frailty thank son tinily loudly the head neck present 90 degrees turn, the face towardsed shoulder to become a straight line, although is once saw numerous big conditions, experience bloody and violence of tycoon, still forbade not to live to shrink and shrink neck, beat to cringe.
Mo Lao Wu and shell a life time Xiang mutually sees a to smile and won!
"Two Yes!"Long Er after death of the attendant lightly shouted 1.
Long Er has already resumed equanimity, sneer head:"Dead not he!"
Who don't also thought of, Xie Zi Wei basically slipped to lose activity ability, anti- hand an elbow son shoots Liao to learn soldier's nose and beat bottom behind carry on the back, he just on taking off to trap,

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Thank son tiny can not care him weakly sound out, ask for help of the advantage of strength, a leg jilts to open, the Lun is to old Liao.

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