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the heart has no side Wu of the talented person will do to this situation, two the in the last yearses his body conditions Be each to keep in the peak status.
Liao learns a soldier to crumple a document conglobation to throw 100 corners and say:"Your belong to next emit the life danger spreads of the data is all useless talk, will make me more depressed."
The shell a life time Xiang walked to come in and saw two of him to say:"Is old five.Ticket I prepared and directly flew to San Francisco, there have my person to render assistance, if Liao learned a soldier to die, , you walk right away, 10-year empress again come back."]
"Hey Hey, do you say that I will die?However also difficult say very, after all these four in the last yearses is doing lazy job every day, body condition before being greatly not equal to, only hold three cents currently, to, Mr. Bei, my a close relatives leads long embarrassed, if really doom, you shelter her, 10-year hand she will revenge for me."
The socket way of Mo Lao Wu:"The bond maid that is that with you and lives together?What ability does she have?"
"She is the daughter whom my Liao learns a soldier, unless I am deathless, as long as I died, decade inside, she will certainly gobble up the whole inside sea and become owners to all look up at of impress."
"Does the stimulant beat or not?At least many 1 Fs hold."
"Need not, believe me.The spy who in fact sends you to the bottom Xie medicine of Xie Zi Wei better, Liao learns a soldier the station start and walked to ascend to the front of the idol of closing two Yes three pillar joss-stick, "two Yes, borrow order your divine power uses for younger brother how?"
"Their alertness is so high, the root is impossible, meticulous arrive each rice each water is used the situation that the instrument examines."
"Still have three minutes, the underneath is admissive time."
Listens to main assembly hall"be" of a clock ring, thing side the retiring room is respectively quiet quiet come out a person, have never imagined medium as tidewater ground applause, have no fresh flowers to pave road surface and the scream of beauty, there is no the words tube of flash light and reporter, have no audience to brandish hands to shout your name, the blood that leave to endlessly kill Chuo and flow to drip.
Mo Lao Wu is exactly an old river's lake that falls to climb to roll to beat for several decades, can promise the good mindset is calm to face everything, soft-voiced way:"The useless talk not much says that I arrive an audience seat first to go."
Liao learns a soldier light say with smile:"Really a little bit regret at the beginning why easily promise you, make I ride a tiger now difficult bottom."
The distance that arrives short short 40 meterses of platforms from the retiring room winks and then leads, ray clearly and secretly, air cold hot, numerous fragments of things of the past faintnesses brush past at heart and immediately and rather settle down:"Do I how can lose, perhaps the schizophrenia is beaten an one punch by him like, couldn't be like to so suffer from insomnia before any further forgetful."
Stand at spacious of platform up, vision such as electricity, turn a tour set next 12 tycoonses, the soldier work group Kang country suddenly sees his waist a tatoo, eat a surprised, station start to point at him call way:"You are …… dark ……"
Liao learns a soldier cold swept his one eye, Kang country unexpectedly cannoted say, soft sit to pour, say with smile:"Mo Lao Wu unexpectedly you please come, the life was indeed as expected full of unexpected obstacles."
Kang country was three Yu orchids basin meeting upper level meeting member, experienced and steady, influence biggest, relating to the net plait must closely, whole cities almost vital part the section all has him ground person, in addition it sell ammunition, the wealth on the hand is countless, he wants your midnight dead, the Yan king doesn't dare to stay you to five more, so ground person unexpectedly for the sake of the loafer of a hooligan but surprised must start to stand, don't acquaint with the persons of inside story to all guess in succession.
At in even sea City and shell surname household rise a main matter of even Cao house for sitting of person Cao livinged tide to see Liao to learn soldier's one eye and say:"Be really of did you come?Disappear for four years.You pour what didn't change, however these are already all members the decision ground have been already resolutioned, can not change, your standing on this on the stage is a hatchet man, on the hoof come down to say again."
Dou too chapter heart way:"See to Mo Lao Wu early there is preparation, the person who please has much of position and even know the persons of Cao house he, this bottom who's the winner can also difficult say."
Thank son tiny also stand to on the stage, high and thin, the ancient bronze work color real estate skin, on the body is also harm Ba to spread densely, the vision coldly forces to see old Liao, don't take one feelings of silk animosity or hostility

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She is the daughter whom my Liao learns a soldier, unless I am deathless, as long as I died, decade inside, she will certainly gobble up the whole inside sea and become owners to all look up at of impress

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