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Sigsync Email Signatures for Office 365 is a web-based Email signature service that allows you to create and centrally manage email signatures and disclaimers for all your Office 365 tenants. Easy to configure and compatible with all email clients and devices.

Centrally managed email signatures

Accomplish all Office 365 email signatures and disclaimers by using Sigsync unique email signature administration. Select a signature template that suits your company’s needs.

Full control on Office 365 email signatures

Build server-side signature rules and choose which users and email messages get signatures. Use various signatures to internal and external emails, selected senders and recipients, or even set your keywords that trigger specific signature rules and template when an email is sent.

All email clients and mobile devices supported

Sigsync Office 365 Email Signature solution allows you to centrally manage email signatures across all the email clients and devices including Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile etc.

Banners, logos and social media icons in signatures

Sigsync email signature software allows you to include images, banners, social media icons, and other graphics. Your email signature makes your emails look professional and it also opens up new opportunities like email marketing etc. This solution can also assist you in strengthen your corporate identity.

Azure AD support

Personalize your email signature template by incorporating dynamic Active Directory fields placeholders, standard, and custom AD attributes and many more. Sigsync Email Signatures for Office 365 retrieves data from Azure AD and automatically populates in your email signature and attaches it on fly.

Users' photos in email signatures

With Sigsync Office 365 signature service, you can add Office 365 users' photos as part of email signatures. This will be dynamically included in your signature on fly.

Email signatures for forward and reply emails

Sigsync attaches Email signatures for every forward and reply Emails.

One-click surveys

You can include one-click customer satisfaction surveys to your email signatures. This feature allows you to accurately gauge & analyze your customers' satisfaction, react accordingly, and reward your team.

Email marketing & analytics

Tracking link clicks in email signatures can be done easily by using linked social media icons, promotional banners, and hyperlinks. Use email signatures to track the results by sending marketing emails or email blast to your customers with signature. View the outcomes of your campaigns in web analytics, e.g. in Google Analytics.

Email signatures in Sent folder

By default emails in your sent items folder does not show the actual signature which is visible to your recipients because your signatures for emails are attached by Sigsync service on fly and send it to your intended recipients. However, using Sigsync you can enable signatures for the mail items in your Sent Items folder. By enabling signatures in your Sent Items folder emails, will help you to view the signatures that are added to your outgoing emails. Furthermore, it lets you easily ensure compliance with legal regulations.

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