#1 Windows Thunderbolt Issues von MichaelSmith 18.05.2018 12:20


Does anyone use Thunderbolt on Windows?

I'm on my 3rd laptop that has Thunderbolt.
First = Lenovo ThinkPad t430 with Apple Thunderbolt Display.
This had issues with network and USB disconnecting intermittently.
The 2015 Apple drivers improved it, but were not 100%
(Not supported on non-apple hardware in ANY way)

Second = Dell Precision M3800
Same Apple TB Display, same issue.
Elgado TB 2 dock. Display occasionally drops. Network does not connect at boot.
USB disconnects occasionally.
No drivers have fixed this.

Finally = Dell Precision 5510
Dell Thunderbolt Dock.
Until the latest drivers the USB and network disconnected/reconnected
every 20 seconds non-stop.
Keyboard and Mouse connected through dock are just plain screwed up.
Neither are available at boot. Keyboard lags by seconds, Misses keystrokes,
repeats keys, disconnects.
Latest drivers fixed the constant disconnects. USB drives are stable.
Kbd&Mouse are still nonfunctional at boot time and unusable thereafter.

Has anyone had solid performance from Thunderbolt on Windows?

Any help will be apprecited.
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Thank you

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