#1 Issues with BT headphones and music von MichaelSmith 18.05.2018 12:16


I can't get my TicWatch E to pair with my bluetooth headphones. I've used the Jabra sport pace headphones with other devices, but my watch doesn't even recognize it. Has anyone had success pairing their headphones? Has Mobvoi done any trials to see which brands/models work the best? (TomTom did this for their Spark). Does anyone have any suggestions for trouble-shooting?
I'm also struggling with getting music downloaded to the watch. Any suggestions as to best ways to do this? I have google play music on my watch, and I can play music if my watch is connected to my phone, but when I try to download albums/songs, it says "download not supported". I can't figure out why not.

Any help will be apprecited.
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Thank you

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