#1 Alexa SXT with anamorphic lenses. Which mode to use? von MichaelSmith 09.05.2018 15:58


I am preparing a feature film production where we will use the Alexa SXT and anamorphic lenses.To be cost-efficient, we were thinking about using the 6:5 Mode (ProRes 2K Anamorphic) which does not take too much storage space and which sounds like a nice solution.But as we also have some VFX shots in the movie, the question arises whether it might be good to use another mode for the VFX shots.Would 4:3 ProRes 2.8K be a better solution? I kind of doubt it, that it helps a lot. If I understand it correctly, we would have some more "flesh" on the left and right, but would be using the same height?

Please help.

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