#1 YouTube only plays two seconds of video. Flash problem? von LarryWalker 24.04.2018 13:59


There are quite a few voodoo fixes out there, but I haven't found one that works. Personally, I've uninstalled Flash, re-installed it, installed the beta of version 10, deleted Flash preferences, caches, etc., and restored my entire Library folder from Time Machine from a date when I know that YouTube worked. Nothing has worked.YouTube does work without any issue on another account on the same machine. This led me to try deleting/restoring preferences, but as I said it was to no avail. I suspect I am going to have to create a new account, and migrate my stuff there. What is the best way to do this? I know how to create accounts - I am more concerned about pitfalls that I should be aware of. I would prefer the account name to be the same. I also have iPhoto set up so that the library is shared between multiple users on the machine. This uses ACLs. Ideally I would like this to continue working with the new account without setting it up again?

Please help.

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