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Basically, I've been studying Japanese for a bit now, though so I could probably pass the JLPT4 test (though I haven't actually done it). I live in Aomori, Japan, and would like to watch Japanese movies or shows to improve my Japanese. However, I've been having a bit of hard time finding the "right" one. At first I went and got some Naruto, but whenever it is hard to hear EXACTLY what they are saying, Naruto doesn't seem to have any subtitles to check. Then I tried Ponyo, but there isn't a heck of a lot of talking in that, and I understand most of it as-is, since it's pretty simple. Then I was recommended Death Note, and although I can follow what's happening since I've seen the movie, the speed of the speaking and amount of unknown grammar structures and words and such makes it very hard to follow, even with subtitles. I was wondering if anyone out there wants to share a nice balance between easy enough to follow, having subtitles to double-check what you're unsure of, and not so hard that a middle-beginner (or whatever I'd be considered) would stumble the whole way.

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