#1 Let's Be Real, She was the Real Lois Lane! von carterturner 28.09.2017 09:29

She had to grow up as the face of the Heartbreak in the Heartland, and then was traumatized by finding that picture of herself on Chloe's Wall of Weird next to the picture of the three-headed cow. And her lifelong secret desire to see the Metropolis skyline from the top of a windmill was realized when she was young, leaving her without a goal in life. So tragic. And having everyone fall in love with you is really difficult, even when they don't ALL turn out to be stalkers who want you dead. And trying to deal with all of that, as well as the smushed parents and the secrets and the lies and being a perfect pink princess while also going to school, and organizing blood drives, AND running a coffee shop that seemed to be open, seven days a week? Well, it's no wonder they kept playing music like "She Will Be Loved" in the background of her scenes.

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