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Immediate download of the single Trip Around the World.. in MP3 or Apple Lossless format, your choice..
The Regular Edition - $9.99 immediate download of the entire album, album artwork and a Trip Around The World ringtone. (the album artwork includes the digital insert booklet of lyrics to the songs)
The Premium Edition -$19.99 shipment March 30th of a physical copy of the album PLUS immediate download of the Trip Around The World music video, and Voodoo EPK (electronic press kit) PLUS everything in the Regular Edition The Premium Deluxe Edition - $49.99 for shipment March 30th of a Voodoo poster signed by Alexz to you personally, and a Voodoo T-shirt PLUS immediate download of the five Orange Lounge Sessions unplugged performance videos, Orange Lounge Interview video PLUS immediate download of Behind-the-Scenes footage of the Voodoo Photoshoot, Behind-the-Scenes footage of the TATW video shoot PLUS everything in the Premium and Regular Editions!

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Great post! I didnít knowral of these resources and Iím going to go check them out now! I will dowload it now!
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