#1 Timeless Isle issues need attention now! von carterturner 06.09.2017 14:55

Some background info on myself: I am a female gamer who plays a hunter decently. I raid casually and mostly like to collect pets and mounts. I have been playing for almost 5 years on a high pop PvP server.
I don't mind PvP and find Bg's and arena fun. Even the occasional ganking is fun at times. But the Timeless Isle has caused me nothing but issues since release. As I try to grind rep for the required quests, and gather coins, I spend ALL my time PvPing... I do not have a large guild nor tons of online friends. The Bloody coin crap has caused me to argue with my own faction! I have lost one real ID friend over it, and have other players harassing me all day. I do NOT enjoy this game at all right now. I refuse to play like this. Blood coins was not thought out properly and it has turned into a nightmare for most people who do NOT find dying or killing other players ALL DAY LONG fun or amusing.

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