#1 New Warchief, order of the day after von carterturner 06.09.2017 14:52

He needs a new model, I wonder where Blizzard is with new skin models for Trolls. Is it just me or do all male Trolls look the same regardless of tusk size n color of hair?He can't have Thrall's old place, because that building is gone, it's now a cow-zone..Moo! So I guess he'll have Garrosh's place instead, above ground that is, doubt many want to live underground Garrosh did at the end..
Orgrimmar and the docks need repairs, for all his faults, Garrosh made some nice fortifications. I would suggest that the docks get bigger n have some stone added, some towers, walls n what not. I guess he could take some funds n improve on the Echo Isles so Trolls get a proper capital? A temple for Bwonsamdi at least.

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