#1 Raiders, when it comes to content - misconception von carterturner 05.09.2017 10:51

I often read on these forums, and just about all over the internet where there is World of Warcraft talk present, that Blizzard should focus more on content for casuals and less content for the "1% of raiders". Some even claim that heroic raiding should be removed because the audience is too small.
This is just plain wrong to say, and a poor argument in my opinion.
Let's look at the facts here. Hardcore raiders and raiders in general are more than likely, dedicated to the game and their progression, meaning they are subscribed for a majority of the year and most likely 12 months a year. That's about roughly $180 per dedicated raider. When you compare this to some casual players who are subscribed 1-3 months in a year, regardless of the content blizzard makes for them; tell me who is making more income for Blizzard on a per person basis ?

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


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