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Laurie Stratton (Alexz Johnson) is bright, caring, and an overall friendly person. She is usually picked as favorite by her mother (Catherine Hicks).

Her sister Alexis (Emily Hirst) is often ignored by Laurie and their mother, but she will play a bigger role than expected in saving Laurie from Lia's assaults.

Laurie is really good friends with Jeff (Andrew Fracis, who was in Devil's Diary with Alexz), who has seen a lot of misfortune himself. This has left her agressive and controlling boyfriend, Gordon (Beau Mirchoff), confused, and on a search as to why Laurie is ignoring him.

As the story is set with high school students, the list of characters include the typically mean popular girl (Darlene, portayed by Nhi Do), and kinder girls (Like Nat, portrayed by Luisa D'Oliveira) as well.

Yet, unknown to Laurie, she was adopted at birth. Even more unknown to her is that she has a twin named Lia. (Also played by Johnson) who has been residing in a mental hospital for several years. Out of jealousy, Lia promises to take over and steal Laurie's life, no matter how many other lives she'll have to end.

Fun Facts - Camosun College was used as many of the sets. One area was turned into a mental hospital. A scene will take place in which one of Alexz's character will run down the hallways in madness.

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