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hab das grad gefunden:

"As you all know, and hopefully tuned in to, “Instant Star’s” Alexz Johnson was on “Smallville” as Imra/Saturn Girl. AND! A new project has been revealed by Alexz herself! In a new MySpace blog-yay, entitled “SAY IT AIN'T SO”:

I wanted to give you guys an update of 09 so far...
As you know, I'm patiently awaiting a push of the "go button" on the release of my album with Epic Records. The label has been going through some really big changes this past few months, including a new head of the label. These changes effect scheduling and often new artists releases...
As that's been coming together, I've been looking at some interesting projects to work on that won't tie me in for an extended amount of time.
For the next month I'll be shooting a film to keep me working while waiting... Of course, it's not really work.. It's a super challenging role as I get to play twin sisters!

Alexz-johnson.net posted some extra information about the project:
Stranger With My Face, the movie that started filming here yesterday is also a teen drama with a supernatural element. Based on Lois (I Know What You Did Last Summer) Duncan's bestseller, it stars 7th Heaven's Catherine Hicks, Victoria actor Beau Mirchoff (Scary Movie 4) and Alexz Johnson (Smallville, Final Destination 3).
The film, whose heroine's life takes a dark detour when she learns she has a twin sister with a mean streak, is being directed by Jeff Renfroe. Filming wraps Feb. 27."

Quelle: http://www.portraitmagazine.net/

#2 RE: [News] Stranger With My Face von ally 12.02.2009 14:44


jaah ich habs auch schon gesehen, ich bin fast im Kreis gesprungen als ich das gelesen habe Ich freue mich total auf den film =)

#3 RE: [News] Stranger With My Face von kate 12.02.2009 17:58


ich freu mich auch schon total auf den film =) alexz in einer rolle als zwillige klingt interessant^^

#4 RE: [News] Stranger With My Face von hello 24.02.2009 13:03


Ich freu mich schon total.Der Film kommt um Halloween raus.

#5 RE: [News] Stranger With My Face von sniperin 15.03.2009 16:26


och mennö schon wieder so n horrorfilm..ich will mal nen "NORMALEN" film von ihr sehen

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