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Birthday Reflection

Hello my friends,

It was my birthday yesterday. I’m frustrated. I’m in a situation that I cannot control – for the meantime. It won’t be forever, but it certainly feels powerless today. I have completed an album that represents me and everything I love about music. It represents why I do this. I signed with a major label to help distribute this music and it has been a longer road than ever expected. Unfortunately, this affects me in a deep way because I want to share this music so badly. The waiting is hard and wears heavy on my heart.

On a good day, I feel incredibly blessed. On a bad day, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Autumn feels like a time of reflection. It’s been a year of learning curves but I do have a new understanding of how strong I am. I realize now, in the music business and in the business of life, so much it out of our control.

That’s where faith takes over for me.

Since so much is out of our control, I’ve looked at it as a challenge. To have your own voice is not the easiest road to take, but it’s what I choose. When reflecting back on our lives, the most important thing above anything else will be – “I did it my way” – Thanks Frank.

Love Alexz

#2 RE: [Myspace] Birthday Reflection - 5.11.08 von hello 09.11.2008 14:33


Warum ist sie frustriert?

#3 RE: [Myspace] Birthday Reflection - 5.11.08 von ally 09.11.2008 20:09


Zitat von hello
Warum ist sie frustriert?

Weil im moment für sie alles außer Kontrolle ist. ??

#4 RE: [Myspace] Birthday Reflection - 5.11.08 von sniperin 15.03.2009 16:20


Es ist ihr größter Traum ein Album raus zubringen und nun da es fertig ist (ihrer meinung nach) muss noch viel daran gearbeitet.sie sagt sie kennt jetzt das business (das es so hart ist)

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